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can you explain how you can't be racist towards white people? I was having an argument with someone about it and they say that there is racism over white people.


This is the last time I’m gonna answer this question.

Racism = Predjudice + Power

White people have predjudice and power

PoC may have predjudice, but they do not have power


  1. You cannot be racist against a white person because PoC do not control the institution that upholds racism and racist beliefs
  2. PoC can be predjudice against white people but they cannot be racist against them BECAUSE PoC DO NOT THE INSTITUTION THAT CREATED RACISM
  3. TA DA

White people need to stop using dictionary definitions like

the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Stop using dictionary definitions written by white men. They know nothing about racism. They don’t experience racism. White people aren’t oppressed. White people are the most privileged group of people in society. Stop crying about being oppressed. Stop invading PoC’s inbox and BLOGS CREATED FOR OTHER POC with your shitty opinions. 


What they say: “I was just joking.”

What they mean: “I was completely serious, but I hate being called out, so I’d rather pretend that you’re just too sensitive.”

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Black trans women are also victims of this same violence targeting black men and black cis women. This genocide is all inclusive. And transmisogynistic violence is heavily racialized. 

And we never hear about it.

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